Saturday 10 Nov, 2018

Starting at 10:15am

Altınbaş University, Gayrettepe

Esentepe Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cd. No:147, Şişli/İstanbul 34349

GOLD – Adobe


Adobe Analytics – the world’s leading customer intelligence platform – helps organizations of every size make better decisions using data across every channel – offline and online, from apps to shops and everywhere in between.

Adobe Analytics helps organizations democratize data, empowering critical digital marketing functions with relevant data to support decision-making. With drag-and-drop segment building and customizable reporting, you can discover high-value customers and the types of engagement that are important to them to make accurate, timely, and insightful decisions that improve business performance.

Adobe Analytics helps you understand your customers, find new insights, and identify issues call with real-time, multichannel data. Receive intelligent alerts about anomalies in your data and measure the effectiveness of your mobile apps to understand how people interact with your digital experiences across devices. Role-based workflows with interactive visualizations provide each user a unique stream of highly relevant insights.

Adobe Analytics allows you to combine your experiential data with customer data from other sources, giving you a more complete picture of how they interact with you. Take advantage of machine learning and AI to discover deep insights and uncover hidden opportunities. Make use of experiential data through cross-channel marketing capabilities and advanced analytical methods.

Contact: Simon Vieracker



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